Automated testing; unit, functional and visual UI testing.

October 11, 2018 by Chris Carreck

Although automated testing will never fully replace manual testing - the process of having someone who knows and understands the quirks of the software in question and can identify abnormal behaviour and the edge cases they cause - we can certainly do a lot to make their job easier, more streamlined, and allow them to concentrate on the clever stuff while the repeatable tasks can be automated.

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Serverless Architectures using ReactJS

October 08, 2018 by Chris Carreck

As we begin to utilise newer technologies within the agency, it allows us to revisit not just the way we might code something, or the underlying application architecture, but it also allows us to look at ways we can improve and re-engineer the entire delivery system underneath it, to improve speeds, lower costs, reduce maintenance time, reduce points of failure in our applications, and ultimately deliver a more cost effective, performant system for our clients.

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After Brunch

August 21, 2013 by Stephen Hutchings

Not satisfied? Have something after brunch.

For a new project at Creative Licence, we have been using the awesome Brunch. Brunch is an assembler for HTML5 applications, which means that all the work watching, compiling, optimizing and concatenating source files is handled for you. It also has a fantastic plugin ecosystem, so it supports a diverse range of languages and project architectures. We are also trialling the use of a live styleguide for this project, and in order to keep this in sync with the project's development, it's necessary to update the styleguide after every Brunch compile.

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