Ed - A mobile first approach to teaching

A new approach to workplace learning

In today’s mobile driven arena, the millennial workforce requires a digital platform that is designed using the latest technology and mobile innovations to respond to the evolving needs of Learning & Development.

There are a myriad of ways that Ed adapts to today’s learning behaviours. As an educational training application, Ed can be used to help businesses with Product Training, Competency Based Learning, Employee Onboarding, Sales Training, Product Knowledge, Sales Training, and much more!

There’s no need to overhaul your existing Learning Management System, Ed can function as your sole educational tool, or can work alongside any existing training solutions. Users simply download Ed from the App Store to access their training presentations. All content can be managed by an intuitive LMS, but if you would prefer learning expertise, Ed’s learning professions can enter the content for you. Once begun, Ed features a world calss analytics suite for you to monitor performance or is compatible with your existing systems.

We were thrilled when the guys at Ed approached Creative Licence Digital wanting an app that would take microlearning into the palms of thousands.

Combining the huge amount of experience of the Creative Licence team with the learning expertise of Ed, enabled us to deliver this definitive mobile learning tool that is Ed.

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