One Touch Property Inspections

Send professional inspection reports from your iPhone or iPad

Property Inspector, developed in conjunction with one of the world's leading property management firms, saves valuable time and resources when performing property inspections for property managers everywhere.

The Property Inspector iPhone app makes it possible to send perfect quality, professional property inspection reports using only an iPhone. Property Inspector's easy, user-friendly, one touch interface lets the user rate the current condition of each element of a property. In addition, users can also take photos and insert relevant comments.

After the report is completed, it is either saved to the iPhone to be sent later or emailed directly with the company header, an attachment with the associated photos, and exported to a .pdf. The app even appropriately names all of the photos by the element of the property!

The creation of this app marks the end of property managers juggling clipboards, pens, and a digital camera, doing the actual inspection and then the tedious task of writing up the report on the premises then again back at the office, transferring pictures to a computer and naming the files appropriately, inserting the company logo, making the .pdf and submitting to the client. Now, when the property manager leaves the property, the task is complete; the generated reports email directly to the client, or back to the office.

One touch inspections

Create professional reports in minutes without typing a word. The My Notes feature allows you to save those comments you use the most, so there's no need to type them ever again!

Excellent tool to add to my tool belt. I used the app to do several inspections. It is so convenient and easy to use. Example: while you are in the property, you can take your notes on each room, take a picture, add commentary, include your measurements, and best of all, send the report via e-mail to lenders, investors, etc. I wish I could have multiple picture per room.

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