Cook the Perfect Steak Every Time

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Great steaks!

This app is great. I've never managed to cook steaks right before, but since I've used this app they've been just about perfect. Makes it so much easier with the timer - takes away the guessing!



does the job perfectly, if I'm near a bbq then this app is always close at hand. I'm not a chef so every second counts. to good food :-)


Pure Genius

Perfect steak every time, and the ability to schedule a set of steaks for a group of fussy eaters makes the chef look like a hero ;)


Handy App

I just tried this app tonight and my steak was cooked to perfection!! This is such a handy app, strongly recommended.


Perfect steak everytime

I now don't cook a steak unless I use this app. Perfect steak every time you cook doesn't matter what the cut, cooking method - app tells you how to do it!


We love a good steak! So when the Australian Meat and Livestock Association approached us to develop an app that helps users cook the perfect steak, we couldn’t resist.

SteakMate takes the guess work out of cooking beef. With an inbuilt timer and handy prompt displays, users simply enter the cut of beef they’re cooking, the method being used, the doneness they're after and the thickness of the steak, and SteakMate will tell them exactly how to cook it.

The queueing functionality allows users the option to cook as many types of steaks as they like at one time. If a user has a favourite steak, they can add it to their favourites list so that they’re only ever one step away from cooking the perfect steak.

We know everyone wants to be able to cook the perfect steak, so we've made the app available for both iOS and Android.