Earster Fun on Your iPhone

Taking advantage of the popularity and ease of photo sharing on the mobile platform, Whiskas have launched a fun campaign to engage cat owners over the festive period with their new iPhone app Whiskas 'Earster' Cats.

Playing on the undoubted viral nature of cute cat pics and the Easter festive season, 'Earster' cats is sure to have many cat lovers snapping photos and sharing with friends over the extended weekend and beyond.

The light-hearted app harnesses all of the enjoyable elements of the iPhone. Users start by taking a photo of their favourite feline friend and overlaying a pair of Easter Bunny ears.

They can then shake the iPhone to toggle through various fun ear options. These images can then be shared on Facebook for increased viral spread.

Mars Petcare saw this as a chance for Whiskas to celebrate and share the love of cats in a highly engaging fashion. "It's also just a fun way to involve the whole family, cats included, in your Easter celebrations", says Philippe Dulawan from Mars Petcare.

The idea for the app came from Sydney based mobile application specialists Creative Licence Digital. "Cats, bunny ears and the iPhone seem like a winning formula!"