Vodka As It Should Be

Suntory were looking for the 'wow factor' when they briefed us to create an engaging trade piece to promote their Russian Standard Vodka campaign to bar owners and managers around Australia. By leveraging some great existing content we managed to deliver a visual feast within a matter of weeks. By developing the piece to work within our Field InTouch platform, we could also ensure that great analytics could prove the success of the program.

Based on the global 'Incredible' consumer campaign, this brand activation piece was developed to educate and excite the trade about the 'Russian Mule', and more importantly promoting the authenticity of the Russian Standard Vodka origins.

We built the education elements into the core architecture, which stylishly focused on the visual elements of the campaign. We integrated compelling video components with sophisticated animation and screen transitions to enhance the overall user experience.

A Q&A style mechanic was included to capture levels of engagement and message retention from customers, providing invaluable program insights.

The premium feel of the piece itself really drove home the brand attributes, and left a lasting impression on the trade and also the field force responsible for delivery it.