Creative Licence Digital designed and developed the ultimate media hub to make content easily accessible to publishers.

The team at Network 10 required a portal to feature the latest show content and make it easily accessible and downloadable to media publishers. To encapsulate the requirements of the brief and provide an approach that demonstrates an aesthetically pleasing and user intuitive platform, we designed and developed a modern and structurally clean website with a sophisticated user experience to direct users to key content.

We wanted the portal to be a real-time source of new content. A place where publishers can easily decipher and locate new content. To do this we implemented dynamic content filters and an intuitive search mechanism with auto-complete to allow users to directly search for specific content. We also inserted a notification badge (an ingrained icon) to capture the user’s attention immediately to notify them that new content is available.

We wanted this website to incorporate modern web functionalities that users are slowly becoming accustom to, such as the ability to play videos in-line, clean modal windows that expand for the user to view imagery and video galleries, sticky navigation, infinite scrolling, group content downloading.

The Feed section aggregates the latest content and is displayed using a simple and clean layout. To allow the client maximum control over the content, we enabled them with functionality to prioritise content in an order of their choice via the CMS.